Tax Services

Tax Services

Tax Compliance, Consulting & Controversy

Our team of attorneys and certified public accountants use their extensive knowledge of the tax law and their practical experience working with tax authorities to help clients resolve tax controversy issues. We can assist in both individual and business tax matters.  Our attorneys have negotiation privileges which can be used to your benefit for the IRS as well as state and local representation. Our strong understanding of tax compliance creates an advantage for clients and the dispute resolutions we achieve for them. We analyze each unique situation and develop pivotal responses based on our broad experience.  Our team also assists with tax compliance to ensure proper reporting to the federal and state tax authorities.  We utilize our depth of tax knowledge to help clients minimize taxes on their current tax returns and employ strategic tax planning for future tax years.

Our experience covers the following areas:

  • Complex Tax Research
  • Federal Tax Controversy
  • State & Local Controversy
  • Estate, Gift & Fiduciary Disputes
  • General Tax Litigation
  • Divorce Tax Litigation
  • Monthly Installment Agreement Plans
  • Offers in Compromise
  • Abatement of Penalties
  • Audit & Examination Representation
  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Representation
  • Unpaid Taxes
  • Tax Levy
  • Tax Lien
  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • Tax Preparation 

Of course, proactive planning is the key in successfully and legally managing your tax liability. We are knowledgeable about the current tax law, its complex code and new regulations that will help you to minimize federal and state income taxes and gift and estate taxes.

Tax Minimization on Settlement Awards

Our expert attorneys advise clients, as well as other attorneys and accountants, on the potential taxability of settlement awards. We have experience assisting our clients during litigation to ensure that the correct language and the character of damages are ultimately agreed upon to minimize income tax. Determining the correct treatment of settlement and litigation award payments is a multistep process requiring knowledge at many different levels. Our team can help to facilitate the most advantageous outcome for our clients.  

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